Useful Information

Smoke detector, heat detector and fire extinguisher

All apartments must have a heat detector (never to be touched!), an optical smoke detector (change the battery once a year) and a fire extinguisher. Please see the documents "Fire Instructions" and "Fire Routines" under the tab Documents.

Shut-off valve

You will find the shut-off valve in your bathroom ceiling, behind an inspection hatch. 


Borettslaget has system keys/chips for the main doors in the building. If you need a new key or chip, or need a change of battery in your key, see "Styretimen" below. Keys to the electrical cabinet in the corridor is called "OLU" and can be bought at a lock smith. These electrical cabinets contain the power meter for your apartment.


The first Thursday of the month, between 18:00 and 19:00, a board member will be available in styrerommet (the room behind the elevators in the basement).

Go there if you are in need of a key battery change or you wish to buy a new key/chip. 
Styretimen is cancelled on Thursdays during Easter and other moveable holidays.
How to change your battery (Battery type CR2025 3V)

Mailbox sign

All residents must have a correct and updated mailbox sign. To order a new sign, follow this link:
The sign must have your apartment number (for instance 806) on line 1. Line 2 must be empty. Line 3 must have at least one name of the apartment's residents. 


You can rent a long term parking spot in the garage in Heimdalsgata. You can also enter this garage through our basement.
Read more and book your spot at:

The kitchen fan

We recommend that you change the filter in your kitchen fan when needed.


Borettslaget is insured through Sameiet Trondheimsveien 5A-E in If Forsikring with user number SP3733423. This insurance is only applicable for the building itself and the common areas. 

Each resident must obtain their own contents insurance, which then covers your apartment and basement storage unit.


If you wish to send a complaint, do this by sending an email to
In instances of continous complaints, the board will consider what sanctions should be put forth. Be aware that the board can demand the selling of apartments whose residents keep breaking our house rules, in spite of written warnings. 


Pets are allowed in borettslaget, as long as they are kept in order. Please remember that you must keep your dog on a leash in the backyard, and please pick up its droppings.

Storage units

All apartments and dorms have their own storage units in the basement. These are clearly marked with your apartment number. Remember that it is the resident's own contents insurance that covers the contents of these units in case of theft or damage. Please check that the main doors close and lock behind you when leaving the storage unit areas.
Borettslaget has trouble with water damage in the basement. We are working on fixing this problem down the line, but as of right now we recommend that our residents keep contents that should not get wet up off of the floor. Apologies for this inconvenience!
Some units have pipes, electrical cords and such that run through them. It may therefore be necessary for the board to access these through your unit. If this is the case, the board will contact you when needed. 
It is not allowed to keep furniture or other belongings in the common areas, according to borettslaget's fire routines. Belongings that are left behind will be thrown away by the janitor, and paid by the resident in question. 
It is not allowed to let or lend out your storage unit to a person who does not live in our building.

Moving trolleys in the basement

There are four moving trolleys in the basement corridor behind the elevators. All residents may use these. They unlock with your system key.

Cleaning and waste

Borettslaget's common areas are cleaned weekly (Thursdays) by Trappe Trinn Vask.
Waste must be sorted and thrown in our garbage room. This room lies in the basement, below the backyard. You may throw bio waste, plastic, paper, glass, metal and general waste in their own containers here. 
Other waste, like furniture, electronics and dangerous waste, CANNOT be thrown away or left here. It is your responsibility to remove this. It is not allowed to leave waste in the common areas. 
See for more information about Oslo's recycling stations.


Contact information for the janitor (2022):
Erik Hansen
+47 453 94 909

The janitor is in our building twice a week. His main tasks are to keep the common areas neat and clean, plus perform simple maintenance. If you have electrical issues in your apartment, please contact an approved electrician. 

Use of the terraces

Borettslaget has several common terraces, but as of today it is only the Sun Terrace on the 9th floor that is in use (2022). The Grill Terrace on the 8th floor and the terrace on the 2nd floor are closed indefinitely because of future maintenance. 
The Sun Terrace closes at 23.00h. Please respect the quiet time between 23 and 08, as stated in Oslo municipality's rules. 
Be respectful and share the terrace. Use ashtrays (located by the entrance door) when smoking. Do not throw your cigarette butts over the railing.

TV and Internet

Borettslaget has "Flex Premium 200" as a collective deal with Telia, as of 01.01.2021. This consists of:
  • Kollektiv Flex Premium 200 including a GetBox
  • Opptak (nPVR) inkl. 500t opptak på tvers av plattformer
  • WiFiX til 29kr/mnd, fri etablering
  • Telia/Get oppgraderer til Docsis 3.1-standard kostnadsfritt som en del av ny avtale
  • "Trygg på nett" including web help and identity theft insurance
  • Get Sky with unlimited storage
  • Service and maintenance
Kollektiv Flex gir beboere et grunntilbud med TV-pakken Start og 200 Mbps bredbånd. Beboere kan individuelt velge bort TV og få 750 Mbps hastighet i stedet, eller velge bort bredbånd og få den største TV-pakka med 110 poeng, helt kostnadsfritt.
Pris per husstand: 439kr i måneden.
Avtalen er gjeldende fra 01.01.2021 og i 48 måneder.
Dette er en kollektiv avtale, stemt frem på den årlige generalforsamlingen. Det betyr at avtalen gjelder for alle, også de som ikke ønsker å benytte seg av den.
Denne avtalen gjelder også for hyblene, som betyr at andelseier med både hybel og leilighet vil bli fakturert for begge.
For mer informasjon om ditt abonnement, se

Det er andelseierens ansvar å sørge for at montør fra Telia eller andre selskaper (bredbånd eller telefoni) har tilgang til monteringsskapene i kjelleren (bak hovedsikringstavlen). Kontakt styret dersom din systemnøkkel ikke har tilgang hit.

Individual downpayment of fellesgjeld

Apartment owners in Borettslaget Trondheimveien 5 can make individual downpayments on our loan in Handelsbanken.
Individual downpayments can only be made in accordance with loan payments à 01.04 and 01.10, unless one wishes to completely pay one's part of the fellesgjeld.
If you wish to make a downpayment, you must contact Usbl (22 98 38 00 / State your name, address, apartment number and what amount you wish to pay in regards to the IN-agreement. There is a fee for each downpayment. 


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